TILA Digital Residency
Opening up our imaginations to the radical possibilities of a more just future.

Impact America Fund and TILA Studios join forces at the intersection of art and equity with a focus to empower marginalized voices to be active participants in the American Economy. Impact America does this by investing in exceptional founders whose businesses create new frameworks of ownership and opportunity, and generate meaningful returns. TILA Studios achieves this by empowering Black Women Visual Artists to achieve thriving artistic careers through an accelerator program headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

We're inviting black women artists to interrogate systemic inequities and to open up our imaginations — through storytelling, performance, and visual showcase. The Digital Residency offers a virtual playground, a blank canvas, for emerging Black women artists to interrogate themes around equity and produce digital illustrations that will live on Impact America Fund’s homepage in quarterly cycles. The mission is to expose, connect, and elevate voices that have often been overlooked and undervalued. For interested artists, reach us at: digital-residency@impactamericafund.com

Digital Residents

Vessna Scheff, Winter 2020

Our inaugural residency is with Vessna Scheff, a multi-disciplinary artist based in Philadelphia, PA. During this season, she challenges us by presenting a more radical visualization of care that expands on the implications for those unnoticed and extends its significance to activists, artists, healthcare workers, and mothers.
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