In collaboration with TILA Studios, we have invited black women artists to interrogate systemic inequities and to open up our imaginations to the radical possibilities of a more just future through storytelling, performance, and visual showcase. Read more on our main digital residency page.

Shefon Taylor

Spring 2021 Digital Resident

Shefon Taylor (b. 1988, Wilmington, DE) has rooted her practice in work that draws on narratives concerning longing, rememory, and the anterior. Interrogating personal definitions of femininity and womanhood, Taylor began her creative journey as a visual artist in 2017, using found images to explore the opaque and poetic themes to arrive at an understanding of her present life, the lives of the women before her, and the possibilities of an imagined future. Her process and practice are informed by the discovery and affirmation, “may the women with whom I share blood, speak my name and never find themselves alone.”

Taylor is self-represented outside of Los Angeles, CA where she is represented by ParisTexasLA. The artist works and lives in Wilmington, Delaware.

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Spring 2021 Theme: Bridge

"I have arrived at this moment as an artist with the crossing of many bridges. The bridge that is my grandmother who brought her love for arts and crafts to my world as a child. The bridge that was my experience as a young woman in a Black church which introduced me to artforms like song, dance, and theater. The bridge that has been motherhood, which has taught me grace and what it means to pivot. The bridge that was my time working in the non-profit sector that offered the opportunity to become a graphic designer, an introduction to my personal visual language. All of these moments, separate and seemingly at a great distance from one another have led me here — to a life with a deep desire to self-express."

Impact America defines “Bridge” as an intrinsic connection between opposing ideologies, communities and ecosystems. Oftentimes, there is a language barrier in the middle of formal business and culture, wallstreet and mainstreet, capitalism and racial equity, investing networks and artist communities.

It is the role of the artist to also serve as the “Bridge” to amplify the conversations, thoughts and different histories so that the public at large has an entry point to new ways of thinking about entrepreneurship, social capital, technology, currency, the future and beyond.

Their work provides a living perspective spanning across local, national and global collective memory.

It is these conversations that will lead to new ideals, futures and ways of working to help strengthen the opportunities for artists and businesses to come together and sustain the work and in turn creating a thriving society for us all.

Artist Statement

I work with collage because of its impulse, delicacy, and compromise. The found objects' willingness to become a new thing is a perfect medium to explore the meaning of remembering oneself from fragments of the past to create a new future.

In art and practice, I want to dispel the myth that I am the first — to disburden myself of the belief that I am alone. I remember my own blood; a legacy of artisans and crafters and makers and creators.

I believe that our creative decisions are not random. There is a deep connection, a long thread to everyone that we make, and connects us back to the source and the origins of our artistry.

In Their Absence
Collage on Paper
11" × 17". 2021
Recent Departure
Collage on Paper
9" × 12". 2021
Quell It
Collage on Paper
9" × 12". 2021
Half Dreamed I
Collage on Paper
9" × 12", 2020
Half Dreamed II
Collage on Paper
9" × 12", 2020