• Systemic racism is the largest market inefficiency

    Kesha Cash — August 27, 2020

    As part of LinkedIn's "The Road Ahead" series, I wrote about how venture capitalists can meet this moment of racial and economic turmoil by recognizing systemic racism as the kind of market inefficiency [...] Read more

  • CareAcademy: A Watershed Moment for the Labor of Black Women

    Stefanie Thomas — June 11, 2020

    We are witnessing a watershed moment as we publicly grapple both with an economic fallout from the pandemic and the widespread response to decades of police brutality on Black people. This tale of two viruses — [...] Read more

  • Mayvenn: Leadership Rooted in Values

    Kesha Cash — May 26, 2020

    Due to many life experiences of having to navigate, adapt and survive unfamiliar spaces, I’m thankfully able to find an internal place of calm in the middle of chaotic situations and focus on problem-solving over [...] Read more